AI that scales data analysis, research and ideation so you can focus on the decision-making.

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10x your content team's productivity

Bring together data and creative analysis with our research engine and AI co-pilot to bring a whole new level of productivity to your content team.

Your Platform Data
Creative Analysis
Trends, News +
Design Campaign

Content Co-pilot

An AI copilot that sits along side you to help you design well researched, data-backed content campaigns.

Research Engine

Content Informed

Bring together deeper content analysis to help hone your campaign ideas.

Quickly find ideas, trends, stories etc that you can attach your campaign or creative ideas to.

Creative Analysis
Content Analysis

Data Backed

All your platform data in one place along side company, brand, customer profile, strategy and project information.

Ensure all this information is considered in your design

Platform Data
Company Info
See It In Action

Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure with Wooshii Insight?

We take your data security very seriously. We only pull data from your API keys and are ISO27001 and GDPR certified.

How long does it take to get started?

We can be up and running in a few minutes. Our support team will get you all setup on a call.

Do you have an agency plan? Can I use Wooshii Insight for my clients?

Yes. Wooshii Insight is used by a number of agencies and consultants to provide additional benefot to their customers.

Who is Wooshii Insight built for?

If you are working with video then Wooshii Insight is for you. It takes minutes to get started and the AI engine means that you do not need to be a video expert to interact with the video data.

Do you offer technical and analysis support?

Yes. We have a team of video analyst that can help interpret your data. All licences come with support and we even have a priority support team for those that want it.

Supercharge Your Video Performance.