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Data +Creative +AI = Better Content Campaigns.

(...and slashes the cost and resources required to create, manage and measure it)

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Everyone is under pressure to create more, smarter content.

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Data For Everyone

Access your data, when you need it.

Challenge: Your video data is inaccessible and fragmented across platforms.

Wooshii Solution:
-Unifies all your video data
-Makes it available to you and your team
-Presents it in easily accessible dashboards

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AI Content Analytics

Get the answers to your video questions.

From macro data to micro details. A.I. unveils the previously hidden performance metrics that really matter.

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Find, Analyse and Re-use

Unlock the potential of your video library.

Challenge: What videos do you have? Where are they, and how can you re-use them?

Solution: Wooshii Insight enables you to search across platforms for videos or clips whilst our AI will analyse how those assets.

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Does your video performance stack up?

Challenge: Industry and competitor data can be challenging without the right technological solution.

Solution: Wooshii Insight streamlines benchmarking data that provides a competitive edge to your marketing strategy.

Your Content Co-Pilot

Create data backed content campaigns.

Bring together your data and assets with our smart AI powered research and creative engine to generate new campaigns.

Data Backed
AI Powered
Content Engine
All Your Data

Build data and cross platform reports.

All your video data brought together for you and your team to access and assess.

All Your Assets

Turn your videos into a rich asset library.

Understand why your creative works -> Deep creative analysis and across platform

Drive more value from your videos -> Find videos and clips for re-use with our powerful AI search.

Creative Analytics
Clip Search
Content Intelligence

Get answers to your video questions.

Understand how creative factors impact your videos and talk to your video data using our AI video assistant.

(See the full product in action and get your free channel report in the process.)
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“Thermo Fisher has managed to build a hugely successful video operation thanks to Wooshii. We are outputting hundreds of videos a year and Wooshii just makes it all so easy.“
Andrew Green, Global Marketing Development Leader
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Supercharge Your Video Performance.