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Ask and get answers to your video content questions.

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Everyone is under pressure to get smarter with video.

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Empower Everyone

Access your data, when you need it.

Challenge: Your video data is inaccessible and fragmented across platforms.

Solution: Wooshii Insight unifies & presents all your video performance data in safe and accessible dashboards for all your team.

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AI Creative Analytics

Get the answers to your video questions.

From macro data to micro details. A.I. unveils the previously hidden performance metrics that really matter.

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Find & re-use

Unlock the potential of your video library.

Challenge: What videos do you have? Where are they, and how can you re-use them?

Solution: Wooshii Insight connects to all your video platforms, and our AI enables your teams to search for videos or clips across your video library.

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Does your video performance stack up?

Challenge: Industry and competitor data can be challenging without the right technological solution.

Solution: Wooshii Insight streamlines benchmarking data that provides a competitive edge to your marketing strategy.


Integrations and Access

Never wait for a report or chart again.

Get access to all your video data in one place. Use the AI Analyst to interrogate the data and quickly produce reports and dashboards.

Platform Data + Enrichments

Make data informed content decisions.

All your data enriched with scores of additional factors. From video type to cost of production through to story format and use of metaphors.

Cross Platform Search

Find clips and put your video library to work.

AI-powered clip search that helps you find videos and clips across all of your platforms. Ready for reuse in your next project.


Compare your performance & track your industry.

How do your videos and channels compare to your competitors and industry?

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Understand what your audience really think.

Leverage our AI analyst to decode video commentary, contextualize it against your content, and extend your reach by evaluating competitor reception and chatter across their channels.

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