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November 13, 2023

Optimising Titles at Scale with Wooshii Insight

Dive into Wooshii Insight, a powerful tool designed to help you optimize your video content and significantly enhance your channel's performance.

Optimising Titles at Scale with Wooshii Insight

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Managing a YouTube channel or other video platforms can often feel like navigating a complex maze. With multiple teams contributing content of varying quality, it's easy to lose track of which videos are performing well and which need immediate attention. Enter Wooshii Insight, a powerful tool designed to help you optimize your video content and significantly enhance your channel's performance.

Step 1: Connecting and Scanning Your Channel

Once you've connected your YouTube channel to Wooshii Insight, the first thing to do is identify videos with low 'health scores.' These scores provide a quick snapshot of potential issues with your videos, allowing you to prioritize which ones need further examination.

How to Filter Videos

Navigate to the 'Health Score' filter within Wooshii Insight and set it to display videos with scores below 50. This simple yet effective step filters out well-performing videos and lets you focus on those in need of improvement.

Step 2: Diagnosing the Problem

Once you've filtered your videos, you can pick one to examine more closely. Each video has a 'Summary' section which not only shows YouTube's standard data but also enriches it with metrics from Wooshii's platform. The video's low health score can be a result of various factors that Wooshii Insight checks to ensure optimum video performance.

Case in Point

For example, one of the common problems with YouTube videos is overly long titles. YouTube recommends keeping titles under 70 characters for optimal performance. Wooshii Insight's diagnostics can quickly identify if a title exceeds this length, flagging it for your attention.

Step 3: Deploying AI for Quick Fixes

Wooshii Insight takes it a step further by integrating AI Copilot, an AI-powered tool that helps in creating better video titles. It has access to a multitude of data points, both on the visible interface and behind the scenes.

Instant Recommendations

By simply asking AI Copilot to create a 'catchy but concise YouTube title,' it will think for a moment and then offer a well-crafted title. This title can then be directly uploaded to YouTube, resolving at least one of the identified issues.

Scaling the Operation

The best part about Wooshii Insight is that you can perform these actions at scale. Whether you manage one channel or multiple platforms, the tool allows you to quickly make improvements across all your video content.


Wooshii Insight offers a comprehensive and scalable solution to improve your channel's overall health. From quick health checks to intelligent fixes, it can revolutionize how you manage your video content. If you're serious about optimizing your channel's performance, Wooshii Insight is the tool to get in touch with.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wooshii Insight provides a health score to quickly identify problem videos.
  • The tool offers in-depth analytics and diagnoses to highlight specific issues like long video titles.
  • AI Copilot helps in quickly generating fixes like optimized video titles.
  • The platform scales across multiple channels and video platforms, allowing for large-scale improvements.

Whether you're a video marketing pro or a beginner, Wooshii Insight provides the resources to take your channel's performance to the next level. If you're interested in optimizing your video channel, don't hesitate to reach out for more information.

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