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Product News
November 13, 2023

What's new in Insight? (Version 20231025)

What's new in Insight? (Version 20231025)

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We're committed to delivering continuous improvements and fixes. Here's what we've updated in this release:


  1. Platform Integration: You can now link Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to your Insight account. While analytics pulling is in the works, this is a step towards a more integrated experience.
  2. Quantum Video AI Chatbot: We've temporarily removed suggested questions to refine them further. In the meantime, prompt it with "What's a good question I should ask about this data?" to get started.


  1. Creative Factors Report: Addressed an issue where filters were not functioning correctly.
  2. Safari Compatibility: Resolved a compatibility issue with the latest version of Safari that affected Insight's functionality.
  3. Health Score - Custom Thumbnails: Fixed a glitch where the check for custom thumbnails occasionally flagged false positives if the thumbnail was sourced from the video content.

Your feedback drives our enhancements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our support team.

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