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Product News
November 13, 2023

What's new in Wooshii Inisght (early Oct '23)

What's new in Wooshii Inisght (early Oct '23)

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We're constantly releasing new features and fixes — here's what's new this week:


  • Video Production Cost Estimation: Insight now estimates how much your video cost to produce — just set a Style and Type to see it work!
  • Data Source Connection Screen: We've given it a fresh redesign, making it even simpler to add channels.
  • Video Orientation Filter: Easily filter videos by orientation - be it horizontal, vertical, or square.
  • Audio Language Health Check: Ensure the audio language matches the language you've specified in the platform.

Bug Fixes:

  • Video Types List: Organized in alphabetical order for easier navigation.
  • Filter Functionality: Resolved an issue where filters were becoming unresponsive after setting.
  • Average Percentage Viewed: Fixed instances where it exceeded 100%.

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