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Product News
November 13, 2023

Release Notes 2023-10-11

Release Notes 2023-10-11

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We're committed to delivering continuous improvements and fixes. Here's what we've updated in this release:


  1. Wooshii Production Cost Algorithm: Now predicts the production cost of a video based on its Style and Type. Stay tuned - automatic classification and new Return on Production charts are on the horizon!
  2. Aspect Ratio in Health Checks: We've included 4:5 as an accepted aspect ratio, optimizing for Instagram content.
  3. YouTube Description Tags: Tags within YouTube video descriptions are now extracted for enhanced insights.


  1. Video's Style or Type Setting: Fixed an issue preventing users from setting a video's Style or Type.
  2. Monetary Value Storage: For increased precision, all monetary values are now stored in cents instead of dollars, minimizing calculation errors and ensuring utmost accuracy.

Your feedback drives our enhancements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our support team.

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